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You are driving down the interstate when a semi-truck speeds past you, kicking up gravel that dings your windshield and leaves a chip in the glass. You know if you leave it, sooner or later, your entire windshield will start to crack. A dinged windshield is the last thing you want to deal with, but you know you need to quickly find a body shop that provides auto glass services. Luckily, Lund's Body Shop Inc in Windom, MN specializes in auto glass repair.

Whether you are dealing with a cracked or dinged windshield due to a rock, hail, other debris, or an accident, it is critical to repair the glass as soon as possible. Quickly repairing a cracked windshield can eliminate further damage from occurring, and the risk associated with decreased visibility while driving.

Lund's Body Shop Inc has been serving the Windom, MN area since 1979 with high quality and affordable auto glass services. We perform auto glass replacement on all models and makes of vehicles, so whether you have a car, van, or truck, we are equipped to replace your auto glass.

Sometimes, windscreen cracks can be fixed without replacing the entire windshield. At Lund's Body Shop Inc, we assess the damage and determine if we can repair your glass or if we will have to completely replace it. Large impact breaks and multiple impact breaks almost always require full windshield replacement.

Your vehicle’s windshield may be fully intact, but you may have a broken rear or side window. Do not drive around with clear plastic taped over a broken car window. We efficiently repair all vehicle glass at an affordable price, so there is no reason to put off getting your window fixed.

Are you looking for an honest and trustworthy auto body repair shop to replace your vehicle’s broken or damaged glass?

Stop by Lund's Body Shop Inc for an assessment and auto glass services that cannot be beat.

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